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The mission of the Grof® Legacy Project is to preserve and promote the pioneering work of Stanislav Grof, MD. Informed by sixty years of research, Grof’s understanding of the healing potential of ‘holotropic states of consciousness’ has great relevance across many academic, clinical, and scientific disciplines. The Grof® Legacy Project has been authorized by Stan and Brigitte Grof to carry his work forward in the United States.
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Grof® Legacy USA

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2023 Events

The Healing Potential of

Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness:

The Legacy of Stanislav Grof


MAY 2023
Synergia Ranch New Mexico
Wednesday, May 10 – Sunday, May 14, 2022
Very Limited Availability! Deadline Mar 29th

JUNE 2023
Psychedelic Science PS2023
Pre-Conference Workshop Denver CO
Sunday, June 18 - Tuesday, June 20
3 nights / 2 days
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JULY 2023
Synergia Ranch New Mexico
Wednesday, July 19 - Sunday, July 23
4 nights / 5 days
Pre-Registration Open!

Synergia Ranch New Mexico
Wednesday, Sept 20 - Sunday, Sept 24
4 nights / 5 days
Pre-Registration Open!


Synergia Ranch New Mexico
Wednesday, Nov 1 - Sunday, Nov 5
4 nights / 5 days
Pre-Registration Open!


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Upcoming Retreats & Events 2023

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Grof® Legacy Training?


Thank you for your interest in Stan's work and the Grof® Breathwork facilitator training. 

As much as we had hoped to be up and running on certification programs by now, it is important for us to lay solid foundations – including a clear vision, and the necessary administrative and financial support. To this end, we have reconfigured our organizational structure:

  • (UPDATE 1/15/23) We are building an umbrella site ( and upon visiting this site you will select one of two portals: Grof® Legacy Training or Grof® Legacy Project, our nonprofit 501c3.
  • The Grof® Legacy Project will continue to offer retreats focused on the Grof® Breathwork experience, as well as other educational offerings and public events. This nonprofit is also accepting donations toward our GLP Scholarship Fund to ensure Grof® Breathwork is accessible to all regardless of socio-economic status.

  • Certification programs in the USA will align with other certification programs internationally under the banner Grof® Legacy Training, working closely with Stan and Brigitte Grof and other international educators and trainers. 

If you are considering our facilitator certification program, you should experience Grof® Breathwork prior to application to evaluate whether this work is a right fit for your individual goals and life path, both personal and professional. The Grof® Breathwork retreats offered by Grof® Legacy Project are an essential introduction to the experiential aspects of Stan Grof’s work. Your participation in one of these retreats will count toward the breathwork experiences (as breather and sitter) that will be required in the facilitator certification training, over and above the breathwork sessions included in the curriculum track.

We estimate that it will be in early 2023 before we open an application process for the first US program leading to certification in Grof® Breathwork facilitation. The training will take place over two years and includes a combination of online and in-person experiences. Once fully developed, the training description and application information will be posted to the website. In the meantime, questions about the certification program may be directed to Jay Dufrechou: [email protected]com.

If you have not yet signed up through the “Join Our Community” link at the top of this page, please consider adding your information. This will ensure you receive announcements as the facilitator certification training opens for application, as well as updates from Grof® Legacy Project. Questions about the offerings of Grof® Legacy Project should be directed to Kirsten Kairos: [email protected]

With our best wishes,
The Grof® Legacy Team