Curriculum Development in the Time of Covid

As tragic and challenging as the pandemic has been for so many people around the world, we have found a silver lining in having time to envision our development of Grof® Legacy Project USA.

We apologize for not having launched programs more quickly, particularly for those of you who wrote early with excitement to study and train in the United States after Stan and Brigitte's announcement of the formation of Grof® Legacy Training in the spring of 2020.

Initially, we hoped to have some courses up and running by now but we have been attentive to the transformations continuing to unfold in our world -- including the virus, important social and political movements, and the impact this long worldwide journey is having on how people live, work and learn. Even with the scientific miracle of vaccinations becoming available, we continue to be mindful that gatherings of large numbers of people, particularly for close personal work such as Grof® Breathwork, may still not be wise for several months. Stan and Brigitte, who are guiding the development of Grof® Legacy worldwide, are very cautious about protecting the health and safety of participants. We are closely following the increase in safety with widespread vaccinations but do not anticipate in-person gatherings for breathwork and practical training until 2022.

One of our important shifts has been toward planning an online infrastructure for much of our teaching, future events, and community. In the past, Stan’s work has customarily been taught through in-person workshops that have combined teaching with experiencing holotropic breathwork. Along with many other shifts under the guidance of Stan and Brigitte, we have realized the importance of visioning teaching, training, and community in our current times.

Although there will likely be some variety in our future offerings, we are moving towards presenting the theoretical portions of Stan’s work online, along with online opportunities for community sharing and dialogue through the internet meeting and community modalities that have become a central part of many of our lives. Rest assured, we are not forgetting the small miracles of connection, friendship, and awakening that happen when we gather in person for deeply transformative work. We also believe very strongly that a particular strength of our programs will involve offering in-person experiences in supporting nonordinary state work based on our decades of lineage in Stan's teaching and facilitation. Soon enough, we will join together for hands-on demonstration and practice of facilitation techniques, experience of set and setting for working with nonordinary states, and opportunities for integration and sharing of experience while feeling each other's embodied presence. 

In addition to adapting to our present world, moving some aspects of our programs online will allow us to make use of portions of Stan’s recorded lectures, so that participants will have important parts of the teaching from Stan himself. Our teachers and guest lecturers will also offer video presentations as well as real time gatherings online for questions, discussion and community. 

This shift has meant we needed to explore and invest in appropriate platforms for online teaching, hosting media, and joining in community. We are fortunate to have several wise and experienced people helping us and hope to be up and running soon enough, though likely still not until the summer at the earliest. We are particularly indebted to Javier Charme and Paula Guzman, Grof educators and breathwork trainers in Latin America, for their leadership in crafting online courses, experiences, and information about Stan’s work. We know many of you are anxious to begin training and community so we appreciate your continued patience as we build solid foundations for the coming years.

Honoring Stan's 90th Birthday

As many of you may know, we will celebrate Stan’s 90th birthday on July 1, 2021. Our good friend Susan Hess Logeais, who created the award-winning film Way of the Psychonaut about Stan’s life and work, has partnered with Jim Garrison and Ubiquity University in creating monthly gatherings for discussion with Stan, Brigitte, and several of their friends and colleagues. You can find recordings of those events at by searching for Stan Grof at https://ubiverse.org/events

On July 1, Stan's birthday, you can join the celebration at 8 am Pacific Time, 11 am Eastern Time, at  https://ubiverse.org/events/humanity-rising-day-282