Healing Our Deepest Wounds:

The Holotropic Paradigm Shift


Online Course

October 18 – December 19, 2021


This 8-week online experience takes its name from the book Stan Grof recommends as preliminary reading before training in any of the Grof Legacy programs. As the 2007 laureate of the “Vision 97” Award created by former Czech President Vaclav Havel, Stan was asked to prepare a publication which best represented his contributions to science, philosophy and art. The primary text for this course, Healing our Deepest Wounds: The Holotropic Paradigm Shift gathers the papers Stan believed reflected the most important areas of his scientific interests and periods of his professional career – psychedelic research, transpersonal psychology, alternative approaches to psychosis, new insights into religion, mysticism, and spirituality, Grof breathwork, roots of human violence and greed, and various avenues of new paradigm in science. 

As the first online course offered by Grof Legacy Project USA, Healing our Deepest Wounds will provide participants credit for an introductory theoretical component of our emerging certification programs, including Grof Breathwork Facilitation and The Psychedelics Experience. While the certification programs will include study of Stan's The Way of the Psychonaut focusing on individual topics, this initial experience approaches Stan’s work from an “applied” perspective – offering consideration of the many ways Grofian psychology might inform and support paradigm shifts in science (particularly psychiatry/psychology/medicine), religion/spirituality, and myriad fundamental understandings of contemporary civilization. We find ourselves, collectively, at an unprecedented moment in human history that can be understood through the lens of Grofian psychology as the tumultuous, life or death process of birth. Together, in this course, we will consider ways in which we might engage with this potential birthing of a new level of human development. As Stan has argued in many of his books, deep transformation of human consciousness is likely necessary for meeting the existential threats now facing humanity in this precarious time of history. 

Consistent with Stan’s approach to training, and the transpersonal educational model, this course will provide an opportunity for students to engage deeply with their own relationship to Stan’s work in the context of their past personal and professional journey. Experiential components will involve optional reflection papers and discussion items, weekly invitation to art-based or intuitive modalities of expression, and encouragement for students to reflect upon and share aspects of their past and current experience in working with nonordinary states or analogous inward-directed modalities. Stan's model of preparation-experience-integration will inform our approach to each weekly course module. 

Ordinarily, experience in Grof Breathwork "breathing" and "sitting" would complement theoretical training but we remain cautious about in-person experiences for the foreseeable future given recent developments in the Covid crisis. When breathwork again becomes possible, the experience of this course will have prepared students for engaging with their own process and learning to support others in holotropic states through our certification programs. Through a new video and handbook created this year by Stan and Brigitte Grof, the course will introduce students to the practical facilitation techniques developed for "energy release work" and the selection of music supporting nonordinary state journeys. Those who continue into Grof Breathwork or psychedelics support certification programs will gain hands on experience with these fundamental aspects of nonordinary state work when in person gatherings are again possible. 

Importantly, the course will also involve students in the emerging Grof Legacy community and invite them to consider how Stan's work, and the Grof Legacy Project, may play a role in their own personal and professional futures. Through engagement with each other and the instructors, students will be supported in envisioning practical transformations in their lives and work. 

Who is the Course for?

  • The course has no prerequisites or educational or professional requirements and is for anyone interested in the work of Stanislav Grof.
  • Practitioners with training in psychedelics support from other programs may be interested in a comprehensive introduction to Stan's work as deepening their theoretical knowledge and may benefit from continued engagement with others on analogous personal and professional paths.
  • Those interested in Grof Legacy certification programs will find an entry point into Stan's work in a time when in person experiential sessions remain on hold. 
  • The course may be particularly engaging for those interested in understanding the underlying unity in Stan's broad and wide-ranging work. While subsequent courses, lectures, and experiences offered by Grof Legacy Project USA will focus on practical training and particular aspects of Stan’s legacy, this initial course will consider Stan’s work as a comprehensive vision with the potential for application in numerous disciplines, communities, and practices. 

Course Details

In addition to reading Healing our Deepest Wounds: The Holotropic Paradigm Shift, this course will draw upon various videotaped lectures given by Stan over the years, other readings from Stan’s work (e.g., archetypal astrology), and selections from the writings of theorists applying and extending Stan’s work (e.g., Christopher Bache). Weekly discussions will include guests with experience and knowledge in Stan’s work. Stan and Brigitte Grof plan to welcome students into the course through live or taped greeting and to join us on a limited basis when possible.

The course will include:

• a detailed syllabus comprising suggested reading and multi-media viewing each week
• pre-recorded introductory lectures by the instructors for each of the eight modules
• online discussion assignments via the learning platform, providing the opportunity for students to engage with each other and the instructors
• live two-hour Zoom sessions each week with Jay Dufrechou, Marianne Murray and guests (the day and time for Zoom meetings has not yet been established but will take into account work schedules and time zones; with enough students, more than one weekly session will be hosted.) 
• optional reflection papers from students that will receive comment from instructors, and
• optional quizzes to help integrate important aspects of Stan’s work into the student’s repertoire.

Other than Healing our Deepest Wounds: The Holotropic Paradigm Shift, required readings will be made available through the online platform, along with recordings of the live meetings.


Jay Dufrechou, Ph.D.

Marianne Murray, Ph.D.

Renn Butler

 Cost is $600.

Fifteen percent discount available with registration prior to September 27, 2021.

Registration available below.

Application for sliding scale, partial or full scholarships may be made to:

 [email protected]

(Image Art work is the portrait of Stanislav Grof by Alex Grey)

Course Schedule

Week 1 – October 18-24, 2021

Stan’s Biography

History of Transpersonal Psychology

Holotropic Paradigm

Week 2 – October 25-31, 2021

Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research

Week 3 – November 1-7, 2021

Archetypal Astrology

Week 4 – November 8-14, 2021

 Grof Breathwork

Week 5 – November 15-21, 2021


Thanksgiving Break – November 22-28, 2021

Week 6 – November 29 - December 5, 2021

Understanding and Treatment of Psychospiritual Crises – Spiritual Emergencies

Week 7 – December 6-12, 2021

Roots of Human Violence and Greed: Psychospiritual Perspective

Week 8 – December 13-19, 2021

Healing the Collective, including the work of Christopher Bache

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