The Psychology of Stanislav Grof

Grof® Legacy Project USA will offer a certification program in the psychology developed by Stan Grof. While still in the planning stages, the program will likely begin with online courses covering the development of Grofian psychology within the backdrop of the transpersonal movement. Theory will be presented with readings, lectures, and discussions through courses opening in the latter part of 2021, with experiences of Grof® Breathwork provided through in-person workshops beginning in 2022. This program does not lead to certification in the facilitation of Grof® Breathwork but allows deep focus on self-exploration and psycho-spiritual growth in the context of deepening understanding of transpersonal and Grofian psychology. This course may be useful to psychology instructors wishing to add the theories of Stanislav Grof to their teaching materials, as well as instructors interested in bringing experiential elements to their teaching. All courses and workshops will also be open to those not enrolled in the certification program.